i am a person!

hey. i'm a (light-skinned, mixed race) Black person named chelsea. i use they/them pronouns. i ain't str8. i have depression. i'm real great. be my best friend!!!!!!





i hate when white people reblog my shit, i repeat i hate it

because your followers are all racist apologist douchefucks. almost w/o fault.

you bring your evil white spawn upon me. just by contact.

i dont think you understand the kind of anti-life rot you bring when your brethren are attracted but its gross and harmful. and its why i avoid yall in real life.

so if youre gonna reblog you better fucking make a clear note to your followers that YOU will be handling any adverse commentary. you will be collecting and aiding them on their way to being non-dickbags. to go directly to you w all their hateful shit disguised as fairness.

otherwise you are facilitating my oppression. these fucks are forever harrassing me. when i turn off anon, they just message me more from public accounts. if i have to turn my asks off because youre too lazy to collect, youre a douchebag and youre helping to take away something thats real basic.

thats how marginalization works.

thats my new system. white folks, reblog to your hearts content but ONLY if youre gonna field all your monsters.

Fucking THIS.

And it’s like when their friends say some fucked-up shit, they automatically disappear and never say a word.  At most, they’ll give you a disingenuous apology.  At most.  But usually, they pretend that nothing’s happening.

Yep. Lord knows how much shit I’ve gotten from random white people because they were following some other whitey who decided to get ally points by reblogging my shit.

yeah, this.

and i especially fucking hate it when white people reblog my posts about hating white people. my blog is NOT FOR YOU. i do not write or talk or exist so that you can “educate yourself” or “be a better ally”. do not turn my emotions and my pain and my anger into your fucking learning process or whatever. and on top of it bringing all your shitty white followers into my internet space.


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    If this has never crossed your mind, don’t even think of considering yourself an ally or anti-racist.